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A Brief History

Kenpo is a term describing one of the most innovative systems of the Martial Arts and is practiced both in America and worldwide. "Ken", meaning law, and "Po", meaning fist, combine to become Kenpo or "law of the fist".

Kenpo, known for its explosive speed and power, is a mixture of soft and hard movements, giving you the ultimate benefit of adapting to any given situation. It is based off of natural motion—motion that you use in your everyday life making it very easy to be successful in self-defense. In short, no matter what height, weight, or body dimensions a person may have the art is fit to the individual, which is something few martial arts can claim. The system adapts to the student creating great fighters who are highly skilled in self-defense, and it’s difficult to imagine a martial art that could offer more.

Elwood's Kenpo and Self-defense is one such discipline which has evolved. It is a powerful and fast, hard hitting style of fighting which was established for the more serious Kenpoist. It's a combination of Kenpo and various other martial arts along with street fighting and has been referred to as Elwood's Street Smart Martial Art. It also teaches an awareness and knowledge of survival skills on the streets which makes Elwood's Kenpo and Self-defense the modern-day martial art.

The main focus of Elwood’s Kenpo is self-defense, particularly in street fighting. This martial art applies logic and practicality to effective, powerful movements and is mainly categorized by strikes performed by the entire body. Kenpo uses physical coordination and continuity combined with linear and circular motions to perform powerful strikes and defenses designed to disable an attacker as quickly as possible.

This martial art is divided into four sections, the basics, forms, self-defense, and sparring. Students of Kenpo work their way through these sections, beginning with the basics, up to sparring.

Earning a black belt in Kenpo takes years to achieve. Kenpo is highly effective in the hands of a master and is an ideal self-defense to study for those interested in Kenpo.

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